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Bills Vs Income

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Financial Management made easy! Tired of other financial management apps that are overly confusing and can't hold your attention for more than a few days? Bills Vs. Income is a financial management app that aims to make it simple to manage your bills, incomes, budgets and accounts, simple enough that you won't mind using it.Bills Vs. Income gives you a month to month look at your finances that will let you know how you sit financially not only this month, but also for months to come. Rather than complicate things with overly confusing features and repetitive data entry, Bills Vs. Income makes it so there is very little maintenance involved, so once you enter your data there is little effort on your part to accurately track your finances.
Feature include:• Unpaid Bill Notifications• Unlimited Number of Accounts• Optional "Easy Mode" that does not use Bank Accounts• No Decimal Points makes managing things simple and clean• Google Drive Backup/Restore• Sync Between Multiple Devices using Google Drive• Google Tasks Implementation for Unpaid Bills• Multiple Occurrences for Bills and Incomes allows you to schedule every 'x' days/weeks/months/etc.• Bill and Income Manager allows you to view what you've paid/received so far• Monthly Budgets that allow you to easily enter and track transactions• Quick Budget Entry allows you to easily adjust your Budgets without typing• Optional Notes section for each bill, income, and account• Auto Pay and Receive Bills and Incomes• Store Websites with each Bill and pay your bills on your phone/tablet• Pin-Number entry to lock your data
Common Questions:
What Languages are Supported?English Only
Why no Decimal Points?The point of this app is to simplify your finances and NOT spending time micro-managing every aspect of your finances. This App is not for those that need or want to manage everything to the penny, but rather for those that don't mind or prefer rounding thing off.
How many Bills/Incomes/Accounts/Transactions can I have?Unlimited
How does Google Drive Syncing work across devices?A file is created on your Google Drive, and is shared across multiple devices. It is loaded every time you open the app, and is updated when your data changes.
How are Bills inserted into Google Tasks?A new task category titled "Bills" is created. Google Tasks does not support all data entered with a bill into Bills Vs Income, therefore not all data is synced.
What is the difference between Account Mode and Easy Mode?Account mode allows you to use multiple accounts to track transactions. Your Current Money amount is simply a sum of your account Balances.Easy Mode disabled accounts. You are then allowed to enter a "Month Start" amount each month that will help track how much money you currently have, and also how much you can expect to have at the end of the month.
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